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TRACK EXPENSES – start tracking your start-up expenses immediately. Learn what R&D is… which R&D expenses can be
capitalized, and which R&D should be expensed.

IMPLEMENT QUICKBOOKS – learn how QuickBooks can help you track cash in, cash out and your financial health. Don’t
want to learn accounting? ABHO is here to train your existing employees, outsource your bookkeeping and set up the
tracking methods to measure and achieve financial strength and stability.

PLAN & ORGANIZE FOR DUE DILLIGENCE – if you start with the idea that your financials will be under a microscope,
organizing and maintaining your books and records will be as habitual as brushing your teeth –a needed maintenance
activity, no one enjoys, but this maintenance is vital to your health, prospectus and success!

SATISFY THE HUMAN ELEMENT – HR, personnel and payroll complications create the greatest monetary liability for
businesses sized 1-10 employees. Limit your exposure and secure the best and most scalable system, processes and
procedures to fit your budget.


Better yet… let ABHO design and manage document flow for due diligence Your team will have methods and
procedures and know where to find critical contracts and info in a snap (like you know where to find your toothpaste,
toothbrush and deodorant)

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