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Human Resources


Budgeting & Forecasting
Monthly Budget creation
Budget to Actual variance analysis
Prepare and analyze if/then scenarios
Revenue and Expense forecasting

Financials & Reporting
Daily, weekly and monthly operational reporting
Financial statement preparation
Develop and tracking of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Investor Relations
Board Presentations
Due Diligence checklists
Fundraising & VC Support
409a valuation support

Quarterly/Year-End Activities
Coordination with your Tax accountant
Preparation of 1099s, W-2s and W-4s
Preparation of state sales tax and payroll tax filings



Tracking Revenues & Expenses
Process payables and track receivables
Establish credit and collection procedures
Contract and vendor – review and negotiations
Recording Payroll and Benefits

Cash Management
Monthly bank account reconciliation
Banking Relationships
Establish effective internal controls over cash

Monthly Bookkeeping
Monthly close
Tracking variances
Prepare management reports to review financial performance

Set-up of QuickBooks
Clean-up or set-up of accounts and procedures for bookkeeping
Review and refine existing chart of accounts
Establish, train and maintain tracking procedures for revenues and expenses
Fixed Asset review (including capturing R&D capitalization and credits)



Payroll & Benefits
Selection, set-up and implementation of
systems, policies and solutions.
Assist you in selecting competitive benefits
and compensation packages.
Payroll Administration
Employee Handbook
Benefits Administration
Employee Files
401k plans
Personnel Management
Strategic organizational development
-identify gaps, opportunities and suggest milestone hires
Recruit, hire, train
-create job descriptions, post listings, screen applicants, bring you quality
talent to support your back office.
Periodic review and evaluation tools
Time and expense tracking

Human Resources


Events, Experiences, & Partnerships
Event planning and management
Bespoke experiential programming
Community & network-focused summits
Strategic Partnerships
• Targeting, Contracting, & Brand Alignment

Sales & Membership
Customer/Member Acquisition
• Renewals & Retention
Sales & Membership Forecasting
Membership Strategy & Management

Brand Strategy & Marketing
Brand Marketing
Digital Strategy
Media Planning
Storytelling & Content Creation

“RoB” Return on Brand – an ABHO Exclusive Service
ABHO has pioneered a formula to evaluate dollar investment ($) in your brand as
compared to its market return in exposure and lead generation

Operations: Brand


Team & Office Strategy
Space & Staffing Growth Plans
Defining & Upholding Company Culture

Program & Data Management
Database Management
Data Processing
Evaluation, Selection and Implementation of Tools & Systems
• CRM Databases
• Productivity & Project Management Tools
• Documentation Solutions
Internal Operations Strategy
• Standards of Procedure
• Company Workflows
• Strategic Meeting Management

Communications & Investor Relations
Internal & External Communication strategy
• Investor Relations
• Board & Pitch Presentations
• PR & Social Media

Operations: Business


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